Physical Properties of Skidmark Geomembrane™ CLG-3231

When comparing physical properties of the various geomembrane polymers, it is important to obtain the cost of all materials that are required when used as a canal liner. Additional materials may include felt underlayment and gravel ballast. These materials are necessary to protect the liner against puncture from the canal bed and from the gravel ballast added above the liner needed to prevent the liner from floating up. Affordable proposals of other polymers commonly specify 40 or 45 mils thickness. Skidmark Geomembrane™ usually will not require ballast and no padding.



Test Method 

Minimum Average 

 Color Black
 Surface Finish Texture X Matt
 Thickness - mils ASTM  D5199100 
 Thickness - mils ASTM  D599486 
 Asperity height - mils 14
 Density - g/ccASTM  D792 1.19 
 Weight - lbs./sq' .59 
 Hardness - Shore AASTM  D2240-91 90 - 95 
 Tensile - Break strength - lbs/in.ASTM  D6693 60 
 Tensile - Break elongation - %ASTM  D6693 215 
 Tear resistance - lbs.ASTM  D1004 19 
 Puncture resistance - lbs.ASTM  D4833 55 
 Multi-axial tensile - elongation @ rupture - %ASTM  D5617 52 * see below
 Aging/Ozone resistance ASTM  1149-07 (B)Pass ** see below
 Flammability FMVSS-3Q2Pass 
 Water contamination - TCLP MetalsEPA Method 200.8 R 5.5 Pass *** see below
 Phthalate leaching Method 525: APPass **** see below 


Multi-axial tensile mode of failure - pinhole leak

**  Ozone test - no cracks @ 7X magnification

***  Water contamination - meets criteria for Washington State protection of aquadic life in fresh water.

****  Phthalate leaching - does not exceed EPA criteria

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