"HEAVY" Rubber Irrigation Canal Lining

  •  Use irrigation district workers to install Skidmark Geomembrane.
  •  Reduce project cost and provide off season work for employees.

Features of Skidmark Geomembrane Canal Lining

  • Workers can be trained on site in minutes and become proficient the first day
  • Welded seams are secure and can be accomplished at low temperature
  • Tolerant of "less than perfect" canal bed preparation
  •  Repair cracked and deteriorating concrete lined canals
  •  Easy to install around canal turns
  •  May be anchored using re-bar without the need for berm trenches
  •  Backer rubber adds stiffness in the invert preventing uplift
  •  Gravel or rock ballast is not required in most installations because;
    •  Specific gravity = 1.2, Thickness = .100" weight per sq' = .56 pounds
  •  Seam backer rubber adds additional 30% to overall weight.

Assistance, Training and Support until the job is finished!

Patent #9,010,378