Irrigation Ditch Lining

Skidmark Rubber Canal Lining vs. Ditch Lining

The same heavy rubber Skidmark Geomembrane lining used in canals is also used in ditches. Many irrigation ditches will have a lined width of eight feet or less.This allows for the liner to be installed longitudinally ( the length of the ditch ) instead of across the width of the canal. In most ditches, the seam backer rubber is not required.


On-farm irrigation ditches can benefit greatly by installing Skidmark Rubber Lining. Control weed growth in the ditch, increase flow and minimize water lose. The ditch owner can usually install the liner without technical support.

The above photo shows that Skidmark Rubber ditch lining will conform to gradual turns in a ditch without being cut and spliced.

The above photo is a layout showing a ditch profile with eight feet of liner width. The hardhat was placed for a size reference. This design can transport approximately 7 cfs. of water.

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