Find the Cost of Exposed Geomembrane Lining

Two steps of determining exposed geomembrane cost

Step #1

Add the cost of planning, site preparation, material, freight and installation costs.

Step #2

Divide the total of step #1 by the predictable years of service life.

Determining Predictable Service Life

Begin by understanding the long term results of the many lining options.The report in the link below provides useful information toward that goal.

USBR Canal Lining Demonstration Project - Year 10 Final Report

For the purpose of this analysis, here is a one page excerpt from the executive summary to support the following discussion.

In the executive summary, the authors grouped the 34 test sections into four generic categories, Each category was assigned a durability life in years and a benefit cost ratio. Below we have shown their results for concrete and exposed geomembrane.


This finding shows that all concrete is similar but there is a very wide range of durability (life expectancy) and benefit vs. cost of the many geomembrane liners available.

Choose the correct geomembrane liner and the investment can be expected to be equal to that of concrete.

Needless to say, the least expensive liner quotation may likely be the most expensive at the end of its life.

Read our "Life Expectancy" page to learn why Skidmark Geomembrane has a predictable life in excess of 25 years.

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