Cold Weather Canal Lining Installation - Fall/Winter 2014/15

Ninety thousand pounds of irrigation canal lining was shipped to an irrigation district in southern Alberta in October to line two sections of canal.

An early heavy, wet snowfall and rapid melt resulted in mud in the canal which delayed the start of the liner installation. (Left photo below)

The lining work began on a calm 10 degree F morning but was soon stopped by wind and blowing snow. Seam welds were inspected and found to be secure as expected.
(Right photo below)

The district employees continued without technical assistance days later when the weather improved again.


Two important features of Skidmark Geomembrane were proven during this November work.

(1) The lining can be successfully welded at 10 degrees F.

(2) District workers can be trained in the shop and on site after only four seam welds.

Both canal site projects were completed and ready for water spring of 2015.

Photos of the two canal sections before and after the lining installation