Patent #9,010,378

Product Information

Skidmark Geomembrane™ canal lining is a total system which includes a proprietary compound formulation, the extruded sheet design, seam welding procedures and specifications for canal preparation and liner installation.


Canal lining projects may require design by a licensed engineer. The Skidmark Geomembrane™ group can provide engineering assistance.

Splicing of the Lining

Skidmark panels are thermal welded on site. The welded seams have proven to be an outstanding feature of this material. A welder operator can be trained to make strong, quality welds in minutes. Two welder operators can keep up with a two to four man crew placing the eight foot wide panels. The welded seams reach full strength in minutes, as soon as the weld has cooled. Most canal lining work is performed in the late fall, winter or early spring. This often means cold weather. Skidmark lining has been welded at temperatures as low as 10 degrees F.

Life Expectancy

GRI White Paper #6  discusses the complexities of lifetime prediction of exposed geomembranes. This paper is suggested reading for a better understanding of the many issues that effect canal liner life. Skidmark Geomembrane is expected to have at least 20 years of service life. This expectation is based on the inert properties of  rubber (it will not bio-degrade in landfills), the known performance of similar thermoplastics that are used as the rubber binder and the "pass" results of ASTM D 1149-07 ozone resistance test. A creditable testing lab has stated that any material passing this test would be expected to last "at least" 20 years in Arizona sun.

Ductility & Considerations Before Selecting An Irrigation Canal Lining

Another suggested reading for anyone responsible for selecting a canal lining geomembrane is,“Optimum Use of Geomembrane Materials in Irrigation Canal Lining.” This article by Dr. Ian D. Peggs presents the reader with six basic considerations for geomembrane selection. The article also discusses some of the negative characteristics of HDPE, the most often specified material. Dr. Peggs states that higher strength materials have lower elongations at break therefore have less ability to conform to rough sub-grades. “Ductility in a geomembrane is often a far more important parameter than strength.”

Do-It-Yourself or Low Cost Installation 

Skidmark Geomembrane can be installed by the employees of the irrigation district, ditch company or land owner. Two specialized tools are made available to our customers. Canal operators will already have or can rent other equipment needed.