The Importance of Ductility

"Ductility" - definition

Why Is Ductility An Important Physical Property Of Geomembrane Canal lining?


If you are planning a major investment to line a canal you will want to consider the information presented in this short paper by Dr. Peggs. Just open the link below to read.

"Optimum Use of Geomembrane Materials in Irrigation Canal Lining"


 At the end of one water season Skidmark Geomembrane rubber liner molded to the irregular shape of this canal because it has excellent ductility.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To determine if the geomembrane liner you are considering has ductility, request the results of the liner material tested to ASTM D5617 (Multi-axial tensile/elongation @ rupture %). This is the test suggested by the Geosynthetic Institute to predict the ductility of a material.

Skidmark Geomembrane test results were 52% at which time a pinhole leak terminated the test.

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