"HEAVY" Rubber Irrigation Canal Lining

  • Use irrigation district workers to install Skidmark Geomembrane.
  •  Reduce project cost and provide off season work for employees.

Skidmark Geomembrane is composed of a blend of recycled rubber and recycled plastic. The total content of recycled material is greater than 85%. The source materials have not been co-mingled. Therefore, the compound is blended at the time of extrusion to provide a consistent product.

The benefit of this product is a heavy, durable membrane liner for irrigation canals and ditches at a competitive price while diverting waste material from it's destiny with the landfill.

Assistance, Training and Support until the job is finished!


       27' long rolls for specified canal liner width         200' long rolls will be cut to length on site        

The liner is eight feet wide and is laid across the canal. In straight canal installations where the liner width is constant, rolls can be supplied to the required width. This means easier handling and faster installation. If the canal width is variable, as in turns, rolls can be supplied in 200' lengths and cut to width on site.

With the Skidmark system, it is possible for a four to six man crew to line 400 feet of canal length in one day in a typical small canal requiring 20 to 30 feet of liner width.  Other important features include:

  • Workers can be trained on site in minutes and become proficient the first day
  • Welded seams are secure and can be accomplished at low temperature
  • Tolerant of "less than perfect" canal bed preparation
  •  Repair cracked and deteriorating concrete lined canals
  •  Easy to install around canal turns
  •  May be anchored using re-bar when canal access prohibits anchor trenches
  •  Backer rubber adds stiffness in the invert and reinforcement for re-bar anchoring
  •  Gravel or rock ballast is not required in most installations because;
    •  Specific gravity is 1.2 and Thickness is .100", weight per sq' = .56 pounds
    •  Seam backer rubber adds 30% to overall weight, nearly .75 pounds/sq'

If you are selecting a geomembrane to line or repair your canal, you will want to look further at the features of this product. 

Ductile   -   Strong   -   Versatile   -   Simple To Install