"HEAVY" Rubber Irrigation Canal Lining

Skidmark Geomembrane is composed of a blend of recycled rubber and recycled plastic. The total content of recycled material is greater than 85%. The source materials have not been co-mingled. Therefore, the compound is blended at the time of extrusion to provide a consistent product.

The benefit of this product is a heavy, durable membrane liner for irrigation canals and ditches at a competitive price while diverting waste material from it's destiny with the landfill.

Skidmark Geomembrane™ - A "heavy" canal liner that is simple to install

Each roll is 200' X 8' (1600 sq') and weighs 900 pounds

With the Skidmark system, it is possible for a four to six man crew to line 400 feet of canal length in one day in a typical small canal requiring 20 feet of liner width. The rolls can be delivered to the site for installation in several ways using nothing larger than a flatbed truck or trailer and a mini excavator or a front-end loader. Some other important features include:

  • Workers can be trained on site in minutes and become proficient the first day
  • Welded seams are secure and can be accomplished at low temperature
  • Tolerant of "less than perfect" canal bed preparation
  •  Repair cracked and deteriorating concrete lined canals
  •  Easy to install around canal turns
  •  May be anchored using re-bar when canal access prohibits anchor trenches
  •  Backer rubber adds stiffness in the invert and reinforcement for re-bar anchoring
  •  Gravel or rock ballast is not required in most installations because;
    •  Specific gravity is 1.2 and Thickness is .100", weight per sq' = .56 pounds
    •  Seam backer rubber adds 30% to overall weight, nearly .75 pounds/sq'

If you are selecting a geomembrane to line or repair your canal, you will want to look at the other features of this product. 

Ductile   -   Strong   -   Versatile   -   Simple To Install